Question: Can Electro Antiperspirant hurt me?

Answer: No way! It is a battery-powered device. Read the instructions for use carefully and you do not have to worry about anything. The current in the device is so small that nothing can happen. The devices are designed with maximum safety; they are clinically tested and approved by the authorities as a true medical aid. Electro Antiperspirants can only help you.

Question: What is the satisfaction guarantee?

Answer: We offer a 50-day satisfaction guarantee because we have maximum confidence in our product and we want you to test and try the device, to verify that it is really functional and able to solve your problems with excessive sweating. If not so, simply send the device to the address specified in the instructions for use and we will send you your money back.

Question: I have been using the device already for a week, but the hands and feet are still sweaty. Does it mean that it does not work?

Answer: Do not worry, iontophoresis works on nearly everyone. Many people wonder immediately after the first procedure why the device does not work, but the opposite is true. During the treatment, it is necessary to follow the instructions for use and frequency of treatment procedures. Initially, it seems as if nothing happens, but the treatment takes place. Over time (within 1-3 weeks), sweating suddenly disappears.

Question: Isn´t the treatment of excessive sweating by iontophoresis painful?

Answer: No, It is not. However, you must select the appropriate device. For example, when developing Electro Antiperspirant, we tested different frequencies of electric current to determine those whose impact on the human body is the least painful. At worst, you can feel weak tingling.

Question: How often do I have to use iontophoresis?

Answer: Use the device regularly during the first one to three weeks according to the instructions for use. After that comes the maintenance phase, and the device is used to the affected area only once in every 14-40 days depending on the type of a patient and only when the sweating begins to return.

Question: I already had the third procedure, but my hands are sweating perhaps even more than before, is this normal?

Answer: Continue your treatment and your hands will get dry. This phenomenon is observed by approximately 20% of users. Before your palms stop sweating, sometimes there is a short-term increase in sweating. This phenomenon signals that you will reach your goal soon. Continue the treatment as instructed.

Question: What is the price difference between iontophoresis and botulinum toxin treatments?

Answer: Application of botulinum toxin will cost you, according to where it is applied (size), at least €500 (for both hands), €600 for feet and €500 for armpits per application. These, however, must be repeated after several months (3-4) for the same price. You have to attend a clinic, and if botulinum toxin is not working, you will get no money back. A iontophoresis device is paid for only once (for a price not exceeding €500) and you can use it constantly at the cost of recharging AA batteries. This means that for a single temporary application of botulinum toxin into your palms, you can buy the iontophoresis device which can be used continuously for many years. What's more, you will get a money back guarantee.

Question: Is it okay that I stop sweating? Are there any consequences for my health?

Answer: Sweating helps to cool your body during exercise. However, you stop sweating only in places treated by the device, i.e. hands, feet and armpits. Other parts of the body ensure reliable thermoregulation and removal of pollutants as before, so do not worry about any negative effects on your body.